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08:59 Redmine Feature #1543: Setting permissions for viewing the Activity page.
Are you trying out the permissions as a user with "administrator" set? If so, try testing it with a non-...
Mark Gallop


12:22 Redmine Feature #1380: Deleting an issue only marks it as being deleted
My workaround was to disable deletion of issues by normal users and give them a "Trash" tracker to move issues to. I ... Mark Gallop
12:08 Redmine Feature #1539: Plugins should be able to generate activity
Can't you use the Journal and JournalDetail Redmine classes to create some "activity"?
Mark Gallop
11:56 Redmine Feature #1543: Setting permissions for viewing the Activity page.
I also think this is a good idea. I ended up creating a "restricted view" custom field for users so that I could hide... Mark Gallop


17:12 Redmine Feature #1308: use ajax suggestion pattern to fill out single potentially big fields, like "assigned to", "author"
I also needed to do this as my Redmine install needs 2000+ users.
Attached are some patches/files for a method I a...
Mark Gallop
16:40 Redmine Patch #1110: Allow email to create issue or add comment
Randy Harmon wrote:
> I don't agree with all of it (user creation from email? yuck)
This is my fork. User creatio...
Mark Gallop


03:27 Redmine Feature #296: REST API
+! for me. A REST API would be a very useful feature. Mark Gallop


05:01 Redmine Feature #379: search in all project wikis simultanously
+1, too. Searching all wikis would save me a lot of time. Mark Gallop


03:27 Redmine Feature #444: submit issue via email
As mentioned in #491, this python app looks like would provide some useful ideas for email integration - http://round... Mark Gallop


02:17 Redmine Feature #444: submit issue via email
+1. Having no ticket creation by email (or api) is also deal breaker for my work place. Any idea if this is to be imp... Mark Gallop

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