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16:37 Redmine Plugins: RE: Graph Plugin returning black square and sql error
I had the same problem with the black graph on the 0.8.x branch with Firefox. I had to comment out the :no_css, and :... Mike D. Smith


07:45 Redmine Patch #3053: Patch for layout/base.rthml
I've seen the same issue with divs on the account/show page. You can also solve this by creating a custom theme and m... Mike D. Smith


19:26 Redmine Help: Un-Redirect Wiki Page?
Is there an easy way to un-redirect a wiki page without editing the database?
If I have page A and rename it to pa...
Mike D. Smith


06:41 Redmine Feature #1919: Separate permissions for changing assigned-to, % finished and target version
I would very much like to restrict the same fields for a reporter role.
Mike D. Smith

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