Richard Hector

  • IRC nick: r_hector
  • Registered on: 2017-12-06
  • Last connection: 2022-07-19


Reported issues: 1


02:23 Redmine Feature #36739 (New): Copy issue without notification on old issue
When I create a new issue by copying an old one, it doesn't change the old one, so I'd like to be able to disable not...


00:47 Redmine Help: Don't notify for copied issue?
When I copy an issue, I get a notification for the old one as well as the new. The old one, in my view, hasn't...


06:05 Redmine Feature #27731: Allow users to view and comment on their own issues, even if moved into a project...
Would it be possible to link an issue to multiple projects instead?
That way you could link the issue to the relevan...
05:52 Redmine Help: Create user with disabled password?
When I create a new user, it seems I have to provide a password, or select generate. IIRC it then sends that password...

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