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15:38 Redmine Feature #3234: Specify activity set for each tacker
+1. This would be helpful for our use too.


16:46 Redmine Feature #2698 (New): Wiki Auto-Save currently editing page
It would be nice to have the currently edited page auto-saved every once and a while, so that changes are not lost in...
16:41 Redmine Feature #1888: Wiki saving
I was just thinking the same thing. +1


20:24 Redmine Feature #991: Document versioning
I had a similar request in (issue #800 - i've set its status to "resolved") but this is more straight-forward and, ho...
20:22 Redmine Feature #800 (Resolved): Enable versioning for Documents and Files modules
A better description of what i'd like to see is in ticket #991.


19:24 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Versions vs Milestones
Sooo, any more discussion on this? Anyone? ;)


15:03 Redmine Feature #947: Timelog hours field format
What might be a nice alternative is to have time entry with a units value too.
So, for one hour you would enter: 1...


19:43 Redmine Feature #892: Breadcrumb nav for the Forums
Wicked, thanks!
18:17 Redmine Feature #242: Allow user to edit own custom fields + user search
This is related to Feature Request #524
18:17 Redmine Feature #524: Allow users to edit own custom fields and search for and view other users details
This is related to Patch #242

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