Ludovic Aelbrecht

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14:06 Redmine Feature #3595: Evidence Based Scheduling
This would be an extremely interesting feature - I'd personally love it if you could implement this.
14:03 Redmine Defect #3599 (Closed): resolved issues should fall under closed issues, not under open issues
When looking at, one can click on the 'open' issues. The resulting li...


16:15 Redmine Feature #3450: Project WorkFlow
I agree with J.N. Tang (#5) on this - I see it the same way.


20:40 Redmine Feature #1088: Time logging via commit messages
This seems like a dupe of #1518 to me, instead of just being related to it. Is there a reason this shouldn't be resol...
20:29 Redmine Feature #2728: Offline Support
Maybe this issue has to be renamed (is renaming possible in Redmine?) from "Implement Google Gears Support" to someth...

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