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10:01 Redmine Feature #2964: Ability to assign issues to groups
I have applied the patch, to my Redmine 1.2.0 , but it gives the following error when I try to create an issue, with


14:56 Redmine Plugins: RE: Upload Forms plugin
Hello Ivan
I have installed the DMSF plugin, but I don't think it's what I need, that's why I created the plugin.


11:37 Redmine Plugins: RE: Upload Forms plugin
Thank you for your feedback.
The deletion of previously uploaded files was supposed to be a key feature of the plu...
10:26 Redmine Plugins: RE: Upload Forms plugin
The current version of the plugin is dependent on 'tar', so it will probably not work on Windows.
I have added it ...


12:26 Redmine Plugins: Upload Forms plugin
I would like to present the Redmine Upload Forms plugin.
The plugin is useful for collecting inform...


00:57 Redmine Open discussion: significance of the default_search_scope
Hello !
Can anyone explain to me the significance of the default_search_scope method, and point me to some useful ...


12:31 Redmine Plugins: Establish a one-to-many relation to a Redmine core model
I am writing a plugin, and as a part of my project, I need to establish a one to many relation between a mo...


15:14 Redmine Open discussion: Conserving project path inside a Redmine plugin
I have been trying to create an uploads plugin, and I'm experiencing some difficulties with the project pat...

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