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07:22 Redmine Patch #24623: Implements permissions and restrictions to issue attachments
@Frederico, can you create this patch as a plugin?


14:07 Redmine Feature #5450: Move wiki page to other project


15:01 Redmine Help: RE: Reset password lost without admin redmine account but with admin redmine database account
@ ruijun peng, thanks for that hint:-)
I have updated corresponding wiki page with "FAQ":
15:01 Redmine Wiki edit: FAQ (#111)
Added MySQL steps to do password changes for admin user in database
14:52 Redmine Wiki edit: FAQ (#110)
Changed sha1(sha1(password)) to working value based on "this forum thread":


01:26 Redmine Feature #2585: Add Modules to hide/display Overview, Activity, Roadmap


00:09 Redmine Plugins: RE: plugin store
+1 for this feature.


06:40 Redmine Feature #2356: SSO Authentication (CAS Jasig)
"Same question as Thomas", will this patch work with Redmine 2.x (esspecially 2.1)?
And next question is if this c...


19:44 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Redmine edit issue diffs
I have created a feature request for that in #12388.
19:43 Redmine Feature #12388 (New): diffs for editions of issue/notes entries
It should be possible to see what changes had been done to the issue/note if someone edited it after it was already c...

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