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08:42 Redmine Defect #32546: Issue relations filter lacks "is not"
Go MAEDA wrote:
> It is useful when it is used with the combination with other filters. [...]
Admittedly we have ...


10:53 Redmine Defect #32546 (Closed): Issue relations filter lacks "is not"
It seems the "is not" operator was omitted in the :relation definition of query operators.
The actual implementation...
10:39 Redmine Feature #5893: Filter issues by notes
As a follow-up to #5893#note-7, here's a revised patch of the notes query against Redmine 4.0.5.
It fixes logic prob...


13:24 Redmine Patch #29674 (Closed): Missing validation for custom field formats based on RecordList
No validation is performed on input given to custom field formats

* EnumerationFormat
* UserFormat
* Version...

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