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16:56 Redmine Feature #9315 (New): Wiki Page as MS OneNote

Idea is simple wiki pages can be with it's menu left or right with categories, simple, easy to use, easy to navigate


14:14 Redmine Feature #9295 (New): Need Sorting for Custom Queries - there are about 10 of them filters, catego...
Alphabetical order not always correct to manage list of queries for issues
Today +3 days
Getting Things Done
12:17 Redmine Feature #9293 (New): What about HTML copying from sites to Text editor for Issues

Full task consists of information we write by ourselves, some thing is copyed from websites as examples so what ab...


22:19 Redmine Feature #9283 (Resolved): Need Export of custom Queries for issues for other accounts
Yes Thank you, it fits!
22:17 Redmine Defect #9285 (Closed): Custom Fields Update using Quick menu (right button click on Issues)
Custom fields for issues doesn't appear in quick menu for updating issues by status, date...
12:36 Redmine Feature #9284 (Closed): Repeatable Tasks should appear in Issue list when they should happen
We always do repeatable tasks like dumping database or planning or making payments
and it's not correct to see it in...
12:29 Redmine Feature #9283 (Closed): Need Export of custom Queries for issues for other accounts
Assignees in projects I think should have opportunity to import Custom Queries
# Like Dead Line
# Quick Tasks
# ...


21:20 Redmine Feature #9279 (Closed): How to Apply custom queries for issues as default view for this project
May be necessary option check when creating custom query for issues to apply this query by default for this project!


10:54 Redmine Feature #9270 (Closed): Need Notifications for Start Dates of Tasks
Notifications on tasks help make things happen!


15:56 Redmine Feature #9268 (New): Time cost for Tasks/Projects

Motivation in doing tasks usually depends on benefit we get when task is done!
Need to track time cost for diffe...

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