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11:10 Redmine Feature #7935 (Closed): Add "View all issues" link to top_menu + home
Right now it's kind of difficult to see all open issue. You either have to go to:
my page -> all issues
go to a...


12:11 Redmine Feature #7055 (Closed): Default description per tracker.
Similar to google-code's issuetracker, I would like to have a defaultDescription added to a Tracker (or Tracker-Proje...


13:43 Redmine Feature #5341: Default issue description per tracker basis
Vote +1
Would be nice to have this on a per-tracker basis.
And maybe an override for project-tracker combination.


10:25 Redmine Feature #1077: ICS view of Calendar
If I go to: http://xxxxxxx/projects/calendar/PROJECTNAME?format=ics I get a missing template error:


09:51 Redmine Feature #1817 (New): Add relation: invalidates
In the list of related to options, another option should be added:
invalidates issue ###


16:22 Redmine Feature #740 (Closed): Cache transformed wiki_pages
With large wiki pages, transforming can be quite slow. By storing the transformed text in a column, table or file (co...


16:47 Redmine Feature #716 (Closed): Remove default start date
Start date should not be filled in by default. Creating an issue does not automatically mean that someone is working ...

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