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16:17 Redmine Feature #586 (Closed): I would like to be able to filter for issues with Priority >= High
We're using RedMine more and more, and it's great!
But now filtering and searching are more important, because I've ...
Rick Daley


18:04 Redmine Defect #73 (Closed): Can't filter on custom field
Hi -- Being able to add custom "issues" fields is great, but I really want to be able to filter, based on
these field...
Rick Daley
11:27 Redmine Feature #387 (New): Support for Linux passwords
In our environment, all of the people that use use redMine have Linux accounts on the machine that runs redMine. It
Rick Daley


20:55 Redmine Feature #383: Should be able to associate an issue with an svn revision
Thanks for pointing this out -- this is a different
implementation than I had in mind, but it gives me exactly
Rick Daley


15:09 Redmine Feature #384 (Closed): svn management for PostgreSQL users
The svn integration is really cool! But it would be even cooler if it could be used by PostgreSQL users in addition
Rick Daley
15:04 Redmine Feature #383 (Closed): Should be able to associate an issue with an svn revision
When closing an issue, it would be nice to be able to provide the svn revision number of the change that resolved the... Rick Daley
09:42 Redmine Feature #382 (Closed): Default "Assigned to" based on "Category"
In many cases, the person who originates an issue does not know who should be assigned to handle it. But they can ma... Rick Daley

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