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23:58 Redmine Help: RE: User custom field via REST API
Hi Tibor:
Be careful because it is not status, it is status_id
Can you try again?
Adrián Pradilla Pórtoles
00:35 Redmine Job offers: RE: Миграция Redmine c одного сервера на другой (хостинг)
Hi Dimitri,
It's easy:
1º Export the database
2º Import the database in the destination server (don't forget t...
Adrián Pradilla Pórtoles


01:00 Redmine Plugins: RE: finger signature
We did this project in Redmine for another client 5 months ago.
If you want we can help you from redmine...
Adrián Pradilla Pórtoles
00:56 Redmine Help: RE: Filter ONLY subproject issues
Hi Brute,
Is it okay to say that the homework is NOT from the parent project? Or do you have more projects?
Adrián Pradilla Pórtoles
00:53 Redmine Help: RE: checklist and or wizard within redmine issue
Hi Alex,
What I can think of is to make a call with javascript every time one of the custom fields is filled and t...
Adrián Pradilla Pórtoles
00:50 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Redmine API Issues add spent_hours
Hi Dilivio,
I would recommend you to make the call to TimeEntry's api
Adrián Pradilla Pórtoles
00:47 Redmine Plugins: RE: Plugin Checklist - Export CSV
Hi Alan,
Have you tried accessing via API?
Adrián Pradilla Pórtoles
00:40 Redmine Help: RE: Migrate from 3.3.3 to 4.1.1?
You shouldn't have any problem, but make a copy of the WV and:
1º Change the code for the new version of ...
Adrián Pradilla Pórtoles
00:37 Redmine Help: RE: Does not load the application
Hello Hernando,
Check your Apache or Nginx configuration.
The log will give you clues. I think it's a permissions...
Adrián Pradilla Pórtoles
00:33 Redmine Help: RE: How to migrate redmine
You only have to migrate the database, if the version you have on both computers is the same.
To migrate...
Adrián Pradilla Pórtoles

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