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10:49 Redmine Defect #8157: Redmine do not send notification emails if a recipients email address is not valid
I have the same issue.
In our RM , we are connected do Ldap - there is many separated teams were people go in and go...


17:45 Redmine Defect #18285 (New): Use Hidden custom fields at Spent Time Report and Details
I have added new Custom fields to Project and User.
They are not public information that I turn of Visibility of the...


15:25 Redmine Feature #18249 (New): Move DEFAULT_MYPAGE to configuration file
I wanted to change elements of default +my page+ site.
I have done this by editing:...


20:06 Redmine Patch #17552 (Closed): Bringing together of the translation of Members at Polish translation
Please change translation
field_inherit_members: Dziedziczenie członków
field_inherit_members: Dzied...


22:26 Redmine Feature #14574: "I don't want to be notified of changes that I make myself" as Default for all User
+1 for me this is also very important
19:28 Redmine Help: RE: problem with overwrite methods
Thank You, it works.


22:48 Redmine Help: problem with overwrite methods
I am trying to write plugin which overwrite 2 methods of app/model/issue.rb
I do this like in file: http...


07:47 Redmine Feature #16742: Creation multiple issues at once
Example is here at the beggining of Video.


16:47 Redmine Feature #16742 (New): Creation multiple issues at once
It would be nice to have option to create at one many issues.
It could work in very simple way, just by entering sub...


13:41 Redmine Defect #10243 (Closed): How to delete project in Redmine 1.3.1
I've install redmine 1.3.1 on Debian.
On the admin page of projects I have link do delete project, but it link to o...

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