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15:44 Redmine Feature #36320: Migrate to Rails 7.1
Sorry for your time.
It is difficult to fix autoload_paths after initialize, so I've changed the method.
Takashi Kato
13:13 Redmine Feature #36320: Migrate to Rails 7.1
A fix included in rails 7.1.2 ( causes autoloading of plugins to fail.
A p...
Takashi Kato


12:49 Redmine Defect #38493: The related issues count on the issue view is not updated after deleting one of the related issues
Sorry, the fixed patch is available Takashi Kato


13:35 Redmine Patch #37558: Update webdrivers to 5.0
This is my mistake.
I did not notice this because I was testing with SELENIUM_REMOTE_URL set at hand.
I fixed the p...
Takashi Kato


18:11 Redmine Patch #35536: Use webpack to improve javascripts and stylesheets management
Hello Dmitry!
I have written patches for the Asset Pipeline with theme and plugin support, assuming you upgrade to...
Takashi Kato
17:48 Redmine Feature #39111 (New): Asset Pipeline Integration in Redmine for Rails 7 without modifying existing themes
This patch enables the Asset Pipeline in Redmine, assuming you have upgraded to Rails 7(#36320).
Until Rails 6.1, ...
Takashi Kato
17:42 Redmine Feature #36320: Migrate to Rails 7.1
I've updated a patch that is compatible with Rails 7.1 beta. As for the WebDriver patch, I have linked it to "another... Takashi Kato
17:40 Redmine Patch #39110 (Closed): Replacing request_store with ActiveSupport::CurrentAttributes
Redmine utilizes the request_store gem to maintain a record of currently logged-in users.
However, Rails itself offe...
Takashi Kato
17:38 Redmine Patch #39109 (Closed): Improving Test Reliability with Capybara Assertions
According to Capybara's documentation, Capybara will automatically wait until the HTML condition is met if you use th... Takashi Kato
17:35 Redmine Patch #37558: Update webdrivers to 5.0
As per the following pull request, selenium-webdriver 4.11 or later does not require the webdriver description in the... Takashi Kato

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