Gunars Grundstoks

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10:48 Redmine Feature #491 (Closed): Email integration more expanded
Redmine is necsasary this feture, that user's is not only get notification, bet also cac update and create new ticket...


11:06 Redmine Feature #466 (New): Add Contact database for all Redime site
As Redmine is Project tool for developers, managers and any other kind of persons and any kind of projects - like sof...
10:19 Redmine Feature #381: general wiki for the whole site
Yes, General Wiki for all Redmine site would be very, very useful.
So, Wiki per project, and Wiki for all Redmine.
10:17 Redmine Feature #463: Make something similar to
You can delete this issue, I will make more precise and will
describe what kind of new feature you must have. I just...


05:50 Redmine Feature #463: Make something similar to
Add contact page of customer, partner and etc.
05:49 Redmine Feature #463: Make something similar to
Or something like this
04:58 Redmine Feature #463 (Closed): Make something similar to
Make something similar to


08:22 Redmine Feature #402 (Closed): Issues % Done
There is two ways how it is possible to change % Done of Issues:
- when you are change issues status to another;
- ...


10:01 Redmine Defect #76 (Closed): PDF fonts must be in UTF-8
When export Issues which is non english writed encoding must be in Unicode. Look in attached PDF file which is wrong

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