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14:36 Redmine Feature #7811: Add support for NTLM authentication mode for mail sending via Exchange Server
A workaround for this could be to install a local MTA on the machine running Redmine and let it relay to the Exchange...


21:57 Redmine Help: RE: How to synchronize database of two Redmine instances
Interesting topic, because I think scalability and HA do not come as "batteries included" with most products, but it ...


21:18 Redmine Feature #7725: REST API for files
In the meantime I created a Python script to overcome this. See "redmine-file-uploader on GitHub":


13:06 Redmine Feature #8171: Adding attachments through the REST API
Feature #7725, about uploading files in the 'Files' section of a project seems related to this.


12:08 Redmine Feature #7725: REST API for files
Lately, some progress is made on the REST API features like the file attachments - see #8171. However, as far as I ca...


13:33 Redmine Development: RE: Ability to specify default git branch for repository browser
My setup is for developers only and the repository browser is mainly used for a special 'develop' branch in Git...

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