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16:31 Redmine Feature #5275: Show tree of issues instead of a list in Roadmap
It would be great to have it.
Klaus Adler
15:45 Redmine Plugins: RE: tree view of projects with Redmine 4.x.x ?
With bitnami redmine 4.1.1-3 I get an internal error, when displaying the Project page. Klaus Adler
15:32 Redmine Feature #7907: Display Issues in a hierarchy (tree)
We are using Vitaly Klimov Smart Sort Plugin. We want to upgrade, but the Plugin is not working with 4.1.
Klaus Adler


08:48 Redmine Feature #7982: Folding project list (expand/collapse)
+1 This would be a great if it is native in redmine Klaus Adler


21:38 Redmine Patch #8383: Display subprojects as individual unordered list items on project overview
+1 Klaus Adler
21:32 Redmine Feature #4912: Better look of subprojects and users lists in project's page
+1 Klaus Adler

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