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07:12 Redmine Patch #1789: Raise project-name length-limit from 30 to 35 characters
Thanks! Alexey Palazhchenko


14:03 Redmine Defect #4257: Broken support for Principal plugins
> Any thought about integrating that into the core ?
I'm for it, with a big FIXME comment.
Is it a know Rails bug?
Alexey Palazhchenko


14:00 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Plugins routes
See "this topic": for actual information. Alexey Palazhchenko


19:15 Redmine Defect #61: Broken character encoding in pdf export
New patch is basically the same as "pdf-0.8.4.patch" by Konstantin Ershov. I wonder why require @'rfpdf/chinese'@ is ... Alexey Palazhchenko


20:38 Redmine Patch #4572: Make it harder to ruin your database
xt zhang wrote:
> Does this mean that in a future version Redmine support mysql only?
Definitely not. MySQL, Post...
Alexey Palazhchenko


20:46 Redmine Patch #4572 (Reopened): Make it harder to ruin your database
Eric, I think you forgot about test_pgsql and test_sqlite3… That's why I'm regexp. Alexey Palazhchenko


23:24 Redmine Help: RE: Error in redmine:migrate_from_mantis
Various reasons. If you will wait a few more days, I will release an updated migration script. Alexey Palazhchenko
23:23 Redmine Help: RE: Migration Mantis/Redmine
Why not to migrate all projects and then drop needless? Alexey Palazhchenko


20:53 Redmine Feature #2621: Errors when editing an issue that was just edited - StaleObjectError
Part of BugMash 1.0… Alexey Palazhchenko
20:48 Redmine Plugins: RE: Object Daddy, plugins and test
And in my case it was double plugin initialization: I had both redmine_test_plugin/init.rb and redmine_test_plugin/ra... Alexey Palazhchenko

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