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19:06 Redmine Feature #9634: Show locked badge for locked wiki pages
Can you take a screenshot or two detailing what you see. I don't see controls for editing on the redmine homepage und...


04:46 Redmine Defect #3496: "Assign To" filter on "View all issues" page allows to select user which cannot be ...
I was able to reproduce with revision 2791 of the trunk.
I'm looking into it.
04:00 Redmine Defect #2992: Each POST causes an ERROR 500
You should be able to safely remove the engines_old plugin. It was required in the past as a separ...


04:27 Redmine Defect #2992: Each POST causes an ERROR 500
It does appear to be an issue with the emailing sending process.
Can you paste in the production.log as well so I c...
03:50 Redmine Defect #2418 (Resolved): workflow defect
I understand now.
Unfortunately it is not a bug in redmine. It is operating as it was designed. When you disallo...


15:46 Redmine Defect #1954 (Resolved): LDAP integration should allow sub-folder querying
resolved in issue #3253
15:40 Redmine Defect #2992: Each POST causes an ERROR 500
If you run redmine standalone do you get the same error?
change directory to the redmine install direct...


05:58 Redmine Defect #3432: Internet Explorer 8
Can you be more specific.
What project do you not want to list tickets for?
Or do you want a specific role not to b...
05:34 Redmine Defect #2418: workflow defect
When you say it has the possiblity to change from assigned->assigned it sounds like your saying the issue changes own...
05:09 Redmine Wiki edit: FAQ (#43)
updated "repository statistics don't show up"

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