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16:31 Redmine Feature #14983 (New): Default Activity per Issue Tracker
I couple times figured out that there could be a setting to set the default activity customized to the issue tracker....


16:59 Redmine Help: Project Self link?
I'd like to know if is there a way to make projects, self link. I need this because I have template projects which I ...


22:13 Redmine Defect #14015: Ruby hangs when adding a subtask
I'm facing this problem.
I've upgraded to 2.3.2 but the problem persists:
# When I'm setting a child issue using...


13:10 Redmine Help: RE: v1.4.4 on fc17
Have you installed the mysql2-adapter?...


13:11 Redmine Help: RE: v1.4.4 on fc17
Hello guys, I've already solved the problem.
The problems were that when I first installed the bundler I installed...


01:00 Redmine Help: v1.4.4 on fc17
Hello guys,
First, I'm installing v1.4.4 'cause a want some plugins.
I've already installed v1.4.4 on fc17, but...


14:19 Redmine Help: SVN Revision link on wiki
Hello guys,
I've set up my repositories to my projects and which are looking like this:
- projetodesenvolvimento ...

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