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13:56 Redmine Feature #6118: Filter by parent task or subtasks
Our company uses many issues with many parent tasks. This feature would greatly improve our work with redmine, as we ...


11:20 Redmine Patch #19071: German translations
permission_copy_issues: Copy issues
should be:
permission_copy_issues: Tickets kopieren
11:15 Redmine Patch #19071: German translations
label_blank_value: blank
should be:
label_blank_value: leer
11:14 Redmine Patch #19071 (Closed): German translations
label_search_attachments_yes: Search attachment filenames and descriptions
label_search_attachments_no: Do no...


13:05 Redmine Feature #18593: Requirement for Licensed Version
Well Redmine is an opensource software.
All announced features (http://www.redmine.org/projects/redmine/wiki) shoul...


09:41 Redmine Patch #18563 (Closed): German Translation for label_edit_attachments
label_edit_attachments: AngehÃĪngte Dateien bearbeiten
09:40 Redmine Patch #18562: German Translation for r13669
Sorry, this should be the German Transtlaion! :D
09:39 Redmine Patch #18562 (Closed): German Translation for r13669
This is the translation for the new string in r13669:
setting_link_copied_issue: Link issues on copy


14:25 Redmine Patch #18438 (Closed): German Translations
Here is a small translation update:
label_add_projects: Add projects
field_default_status: Default status


11:37 Redmine Defect #17959 (Closed): Issue notes not previewed when project is changed
Hi there,
I've tested a bug which seems reproducable.
The preview shows up the ticket description instead of th...

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