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11:19 Redmine Feature #339: perforce SCM support
To install, make sure you have a backup, and then extract all the files from the "files" directory inside redmine-per...


09:04 Redmine Defect #3494 (Resolved): Browser "Back" to issue list displays wrong filter
Indeed, not reproducible for me in Firefox 3.5 either. Thanks.


00:20 Redmine Help: Associate revision with an issue
Suppose I forgot to mention the name of the bug fixed in the commit message. Is there any other way to associate a re...


12:38 Redmine Feature #339: perforce SCM support
I've fixed a few bugs in the Perforce plugin:
* From/to revisions were swapped, causing incorrect sets of changes ...


13:13 Redmine Defect #3494 (Closed): Browser "Back" to issue list displays wrong filter
Reproducible on this website using Firefox 3.0.10.
1. Go to Issues.
2. Add a few filter clauses.
3. Click an iss...
12:18 Redmine Defect #3493 (Closed): [Bracketed] text messed up by the formatter
The text formatting documentation does not give any significance to surrounding text with single brackets. However if...
12:10 Redmine Feature #3492 (New): Specify different text formatters for certain parts of Redmine
At present a single option controls the text formatting rules throughout an entire Redmine site.
Our commit messag...
12:03 Redmine Feature #3491 (New): Filtering while searching for issues
When I do a search to check if a feature has already been suggested, it would be very useful to be able to limit the ...

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