Thomas Löber

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Reported issues: 6


13:37 Redmine Feature #591 (Closed): Hide "Roadmap" menu item if there are no versions
Idea for a user interface improvement:
If a project doesn't define any versions there is no use having a "Roadmap"...


18:05 Redmine Feature #589: Change ordering of issue notes to more convenient
I find the current order much more comfortable to read.
So I'd suggest this should be at least a user configurable...
17:54 Redmine Patch #256 (Closed): Hide version field in issue update
If a project doesn't define a version the version field is not displayed when adding or editing an issue.
This pat...
17:50 Redmine Patch #255 (Closed): German language update
This file contains the German translation of all language strings defined in rev. 1104.
I reordered the lines so t...


13:36 Redmine Defect #194: Fixed version usability suggestions
A third suggestion: If a project doesn't define a version there
shouldn't be a selection list at all.


16:43 Redmine Feature #543: Wiki links to versions, documents, files
It would be nice if a plugin can add extra wiki syntax like:
Redmine::Plugin.register :my_plugin do
wiki /some_...


09:38 Redmine Feature #540: Append suffix to cookie name
I found out that I can define the name of the session ID cookie by setting


08:16 Redmine Feature #540 (Closed): Append suffix to cookie name
If I run two Redmine instances on the same server (connecting to different databases and using two TCP ports),
the "...


14:21 Redmine Defect #178 (Closed): Themes don't work with Rails 2.x
Themes don't work with Rails 2.x because "stylesheet_path" is not called.
The workaround is to define "path_to_sty...


15:39 Redmine Defect #107 (Closed): Loading of RMagick fails (Patch included)
The RMagick module is not found in lib/redmine.rb as the module's file name has uppercase letters R and M.

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