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11:08 Redmine Feature #1675: Add 'affected version' as a standard field
Do we have any update on this request?
This is something that is very very needed. has it :)
It wou...
Milos Zikic


21:17 Redmine Plugins: RE: Backlogs plugin 0.0.1 (scrum/agile)
Heh, well right now looked at the current trunk and with the current trunk it should work as is since there the metho... Milos Zikic
13:18 Redmine Plugins: RE: Backlogs plugin 0.0.1 (scrum/agile)
For the issue with not being able to update redmine has changed the method name so it is not any more
Milos Zikic


14:06 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Export/Import MySQL project
Overall it would be nice to have some Project import/export ability so we can extract all the project data from one s... Milos Zikic
13:51 Redmine Feature #3794 (Closed): UTF in issue generated report
It would be nice to have the generated PDF from issue list to support the UTF. Milos Zikic

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