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13:28 Redmine Feature #15177: Dynamic query fields
Example 3 (versions + issues). I have 1 global coefficient for each version. I need to multiply an attribute from iss... Andrey Anufrienko
13:24 Redmine Feature #15177: Dynamic query fields
Now, I use database triggers to work around this issue: my database records are updated automatically each time custo... Andrey Anufrienko
08:09 Redmine Feature #15177 (New): Dynamic query fields
All custom fields are set in 'static' manner - we have to enter a value.
But often we need to calculate a value basi...
Andrey Anufrienko
08:15 Redmine Feature #15174: Issue ids aren't sequential
An issue can be moved between projects.
So the Id must be unique in my opinion.
If you need 'sequence' you can add...
Andrey Anufrienko


13:32 Redmine Open discussion: RE: No import function = giving up on Redmine
I've written some changes that allow to import issues (only ISSUES!) with custom fields.
Please use attached script ...
Andrey Anufrienko

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