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11:11 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine API : How to get and put issues history
Is this still the case ? Is it on the roadmap ? S Reid


11:49 Redmine Plugins: RE: Gitolite Integration
That's great news. I've a couple of questions before I install it. Is this the best forum to ask ?
Normal redmine...
S Reid


14:22 Redmine Feature #3511: Ability to sort issues by grouped column
Still an issue as of 1.1.1. Annoying when using group by target version, and have several pages of issues. S Reid


14:00 Redmine Feature #3096: Lock accounts after X failed attempts
Is this still the only method to lock accounts after failed retries ? Does it work with the current version of redmine ? S Reid


14:25 Redmine Plugins: RE: Gitolite Integration
+1 S Reid


13:16 Redmine Feature #3082: Repository Search
+1 S Reid


13:01 Redmine Feature #982: option to set secure flag on session and autologin cookie
Any plans to implement this ? I think it's needed to avoid HTTP Session hijacking ? S Reid


19:52 Redmine Feature #4786: Gantt Chart - Grouping issues by target version
Eric, What other features will the new Gantt have ? Will it allow editing within the gantt view ? Is it likely to be ... S Reid
19:47 Redmine Open discussion: issues table split view
Would it be possible to add either a 2 column, or a horizontally split view of the issues table, with a separate filt... S Reid
19:26 Redmine Feature #3511: Ability to sort issues by grouped column
Just upgraded to 0.9, and found this problem. Is this scheduled to be fixed ? S Reid

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