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14:30 Redmine Feature #35938 (New): custom relationship and tracker filter
as a user i would like to link issues with custom relation types over the standards "linked to, dupplicated, ecc.."


15:26 Redmine Patch #22112 (Closed): add html5 audio controls if attachment is mp3
I added a simple line on bottom of application.js to create a HTML5 control if the attachment is an mp3.
i share i...


14:59 Redmine Development: Yammer basic plugin [little stupid help needed]
I'm new on ror programming and i started a plugin to insert a yammer feed (simple HTML code from https://developer.ya...


10:42 Redmine Patch #4776: Totals for Estimated Time
Olivier Houdas wrote:
> I'm attaching the .diff file for Redmine 2.3.3 to help even more.
> Note that in addition...

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