Mahyar Ahmadpour-B.

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10:57 Redmine Feature #1086: Fine grained permissions
+1. Also this permission should be per tracker, parent/child relation or related issues. I suggest such permissions f...


13:54 Redmine Feature #16220 (New): Feed doesn't contain updates
How can we register to a feed for updates? it is almost impossible for a query or bulk of tasks. Right now a user can...
13:52 Redmine Feature #16219 (New): Roles and Permissions; Issue Visibility: Parent or Child
We assign tasks to someone who suppose to pick up needed files from parent tasks. The only available permissions now ...
13:49 Redmine Feature #16218 (Closed): Enable/Disable creation of copied to/from relations
It would be perfect if we could enable/disable _copied from/copied to_ relations to be created automatically. Our sys...
13:42 Redmine Feature #14418: Copy inner issues relations along with issues
I suggest all _proceed/follow_ relations should be copied. Also it would be perfect if there was an option to ena...

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