Andrey Iskousnykh

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17:53 Redmine Defect #26124 (Closed): Error 404 when trying to download issue-attached file with url-encoded link
Issue appears when I try to download file, that is attached to issue and which name contains non-latin chars (russian...


17:21 Redmine Feature #23581 (New): Query class inheritance
I have a class inherited from query to perform filters and query jobs of my plugin. It works but some functions could...
16:27 Redmine Feature #23580 (New): Bad filters rendering in mobile version
Filters look bad in mobile version for vertically oriented screen. As for html markup most of them are made as 'a row...


19:25 Redmine Defect #22048 (Closed): Exception throws during plugin rendering
The following code in @redmine\app\views\layouts\base.html.erb@ at 28th line will throw @ActionController::UrlGenerat...


15:23 Redmine Open discussion: The way to monitor User or Groups properties, existance changes
Is there any way to monitor changes like User or Group deletion, User deactivation and so on.
Found out that these...


15:18 Redmine Defect #18851 (Closed): Broken link on "Contribute" page
There is a link on [[Contribute#Code-Related|"Contribute" page]] of Developer guide to the nonexistent page. It's in ...

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