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19:03 Redmine Feature #1967: Project privacy behaviour
We also have a need to do this. We have vendors that we would like to collaborate with using Redmine. But there are o...


02:50 Redmine Feature #337: Private issues
I sort of like the idea of keywords. Yes there is some complexity there, but its generality just seems naturally appe...
02:40 Redmine Feature #1038: Add repo url to repository view
Nice idea.
In our case, however, redmine accesses the SVN as file whereas we want the users to see the https:// f...


05:58 Redmine Feature #296: REST API
I have posted a "video on youtube":http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=il7L0ZH25ME to go along with the [[HowTo Mylyn]]


14:54 Redmine Feature #296: REST API
Thanks for the HowTo. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work for me. I haven't found a way to diagnose the problem. I...


07:24 Redmine Feature #296: REST API
To the user who was able to set up the generic mylyn connector, Any chance of posting details?
I'd love to see a n...

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