0.9 Feature Freeze

Added by Eric Davis almost 13 years ago

I propose we freeze 0.9's features on Tuesday December 22nd, 2009. That will give us two weekends to finish up the remaining features. After the 22nd, we should branch the "trunk" into a 0.9-stable and only commit bugfixes and translations to there in preparation for the release. This way we can have some time to stabilize the core and create release candidates but also continue development in trunk for 1.0.


Eric Davis

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RE: 0.9 Feature Freeze - Added by André H. almost 13 years ago

Sounds good to me. So the real release would be in January, right?

I would like to help on the german translation if help is needed. In the current trunk revision are some strings, that haven't been translated yet. Should I create a new issue and append a patch to it when I did some work on it? I couldn't find anything about this on your "Howto contribute"-wiki page.

RE: 0.9 Feature Freeze - Added by Jean-Philippe Lang almost 13 years ago

Core stabilization may take some time considering the features that were recently added.
I think the RC1 can be planned on January 10th.

RE: 0.9 Feature Freeze - Added by Clark Nu almost 13 years ago

have been keep watching 0.9 process for some days, seems the remaining work time didn't change during the last 2 weeks.
now it's already the freezen time, so anyone got clues when 0.9 suppose to be released ?