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21:43 Redmine Patch #4652 (Closed): German translation for r3339
Translation is attached.


08:59 Redmine Patch #4426 (Reopened): German translation
Just fixed some typos (btw. the plural of Status isn't Stati :-) ) and added the translation of latest untranslated s...


13:33 Redmine Patch #4426: German translation
The current time format is really too long. A shorter Format would do it. At least the short forms should be used (De...


16:35 Redmine Patch #4426: German translation
I did some improvements (based on r3255).


22:41 Redmine Patch #4426 (Reopened): German translation
I added a new translation for r3238
(or should I have created a new issue instead of reopening?)


07:51 Redmine Feature #4457: Support for remote Git repositories via RESTful API
This would be a great feature. For now I have to work around this with a stupid cronjob that pulls all changes from G...


23:19 Redmine Patch #4426: German translation
I updated the file to r3188.


20:51 Redmine Patch #4426 (Closed): German translation
I translated all strings for the revision *r3175* that had an english text to their german pendant.
I didn't check i...


23:42 Redmine Open discussion: RE: 0.9 Feature Freeze
Sounds good to me. So the real release would be in January, right?
I would like to help on the german translatio...


08:36 Redmine Defect #4184 (Closed): Page changes in issue-list when using context menu
I recognized that when I am changing the status of an issue using the context menu, the page that I am current...

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