cpanel istall

Added by alessio alessio over 12 years ago

If possible that not there is a guide to install Redmine on cpanel?

redmine is a best software but not guide redmine not possible usage....


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RE: cpanel istall - Added by TaskPoint Project over 12 years ago

I'm not sure if you can do it out of the box. But if your are looking for hosted version of Redmine take a look at PMP HQ First month is always free and you can get two more month free (after automatic rebates) with promo code MASSINNO. We are also looking into integration with Parallels control panel.

RE: cpanel istall - Added by thuja forevergreen over 12 years ago

To install redmine you need to enable ssh so you can use the command line. What host do you have? Generally, if you have cpanel, it's not hard to ask your host to enable ssh.