multiple categories ( tags? )

Added by Ivar V over 12 years ago

First, let me state that we've been happily using redmine for almost year now and have been very impressed - thank you for sharing all the hard work that has gone into the project.

One of the few 'pain points' we've discovered is that perhaps we're misusing the 'category' field for each issue. What has happened is that over time, we've found that many issues overlap various options in our category list. As a result, we pick the most general category applicable, but this makes it difficult to group issues by functionality. My first inclination was to look for a tagging plugin but I couldn't find one, so maybe others solve this type of issue differently.. does anyone want to share their workflow for finding feature/category related issues ?

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RE: multiple categories ( tags? ) - Added by julien aubert over 12 years ago

I would also like to see the "issue" have a one to many relation with "categories" or one to many with "version".

In my case I use "categories" to represent components that requires change. E.g. a feature or bug may require changes in many components, hence I can not just use the category field.

The only work around I have come up with is representing a component as an "issue" and then setting bugs to block the components - the downside here is that the second the bug is resolved the relation goes away.

Thanks for a great tool.