Project view column width too narrow

Added by Damon Tabb almost 6 years ago

Hi, I'm wondering if there's an easy (read: no coding involved) way to adjust column widths. After I modified the default view, our "subject" column got shrunk down to the width of 1 or 2 words. Please see attached screenshot. Since there is a horizontal scroll bar (and there is another column to the right that couldn't be captured), it doesn't make sense that the column widths should be so narrow.

Is there a toggle setting somewhere that allows users to manually adjust columns? Or is there a section hidden somewhere in the settings that allows modification of these?

(FYI, I'm running on a MacBook Pro, OSX 10.8.2, 15" screen, resolution 1440x900.)

Screenshot attached

column-width.png (14.5 KB)

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RE: Project view column width too narrow - Added by Andrey Grachev almost 6 years ago

Did you try to set up different themes? Or just create your own applications.css? I remember there is a number of themes available here. I think it may help (but I am not sure).

RE: Project view column width too narrow - Added by Damon Tabb almost 6 years ago

Thanks for the reply Andrey. I don't have control over the installation, but I do have administrator privileges. That said, I won't be able to modify the themes, as it's our developer's bug installation, not ours. I was hoping for a quick fix on this one :)

I guess the column width parameter is buried in some .css file, which I don't have access to, and wouldn't really want to spend half the day trying to find, even if I did. It would be nice if Redmine was able to make the column widths user-adjustable.

Thanks again,

RE: Project view column width too narrow - Added by Moritz Koehler over 5 years ago

I have pretty much the same problem. Although I have the possibility to change the source code. I have a custom field (it is a list) where I can select different products, but when I choose to much products my subject column also gets too narrow. I attached and picture, hopefully not explains it better. My question is, is there any possibility to change the scale priority. So the subject column should always stay width and the product column should stacked by using linebreaks. I would be really happy for any tip I can get in order to get this problem solved. I also had a look into the application.CSS but I couldn't find something helpful. Thank you very much in advance

Edit 6.Jan.15
ok I got is solves for me by adding the following code to my themplate

td.cf_2 {
    white-space: normal;
    width: 150px;

The cass cf_2 (for my custom field Products) is allready used in the html but is was not defined. So i just defined it with the needed linebreak and a width limit.