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17:03 Redmine Feature #8568: add ability to designate default watchers by tracker/project
Has this been implemented? Our developer is running 2.3.1.stable. I handle software testing on our end of things, and... Damon Tabb


17:56 Redmine Feature #1091: Disabling default ticket fields per tracker
But the "priority" field still seems permanent. Is there a way to include that in the list of default fields that can... Damon Tabb


16:05 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Project view column width too narrow
Thanks for the reply Andrey. I don't have control over the installation, but I do have administrator privileges. That... Damon Tabb


21:09 Redmine Open discussion: Project view column width too narrow
Hi, I'm wondering if there's an easy (read: no coding involved) way to adjust column widths. After I modified the def... Damon Tabb

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