How to put screenshot in a really fast way

Added by Maxim Krušina over 15 years ago

When writing comments to our developers I spend lot of time by capturing gfx from websites. It's really boring process: i have to print screen, open photosohop, new doc, paste, crop, save as, find location, name file, switch to redmine, open file, find file location attach.... uuuaaargggg ;( When doning this 10x per day it's really not nice...

As I remebmer, someone have idea for really speed-up for this process, it was somewhere on old rubyforge forum, it was interesting... anyone have idea? I imagine something like small App sitting in tray (on windoz) and some website code (if it is possible) which can get image from pasteboard?

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RE: How to put screenshot in a really fast way - Added by Thomas Löber over 15 years ago

You may try this tool:

It allows you to make a screenshot of any region of your screen by drawing a rectangle with your mouse and save the image as a file - all in one step.

Then you just have to add the file as a ticket attachment in Redmine.