Home & My page improvements and other productivity proposals

Added by clawfrown clawfrown almost 14 years ago

Hi all,

I've been with Redmine for about a year - thank you guys for doing this great thing!

But since the beginning and even now I consider that Redmine at the moment lacks in the basic principles of usability and interaction.
For example I believe that "Home" page is absolutely useless now.. and 'My page' although has the potential, also lucks in functionality.

So, here is my proposal:

  1. Make Home page - a 'basic' project with all the modules available - so that it can be the real Home page of the company - and it can have basic company wiki etc. - because without modules this 'Home' page is useless.
  2. Change 'My page':
    1. Add Wiki block to the left side - so that the user can manage his most important links on projects he works.
    2. Add Activity (of the user logged in) block (the same that is shown on the user page) - for default it can be on the right
    3. Add Sidebar with gravatar of the person logged in, and statistics on his tickets etc. with notifications on which he has not yet seen.
    4. Change vise versa two columns/one column layout of 'My page' - so that you can see two columns on top
  3. Create 'Users' (people) module - the list of users and their specification (that is another story - maybe will describe about it later).

I am Mac user and I believe that the principles of Functionality&GUI design should both and altogether lead to the main purpose - the clean comprehension, usability and interaction.
So I guess these improvements may help a lot in that. Thank you very much beforehand for comments.

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RE: Home & My page improvements and other productivity proposals - Added by Brad Beattie almost 14 years ago

I've been working on additional My Page widgets. Feel free to fork that code and send a pull request with your additional widgets.