Redmine and OpenProject

Added by Jhon Micky over 4 years ago

Hello everyone,,
Hello everyone,

i currently review some aspects of OpenProject (

Honestly, i am not sure which way to go. We run Redmine for about 7 Years now, worked on themes and custom plugins.

From todays perspective i am unsure moving to OpenProject or staying with Redmine.

As far as i know, OpenProject is a fork of ChiliProject which is originally a fork of Redmine. And they seem to be highly active - from a first look - no judgement here.

Are there honest opinions on the future of Redmine compared to OpenProject?

Just wanted to talk a little about these two in comparison.


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RE: Redmine and OpenProject - Added by Ivan Cenov over 4 years ago

OpenProject is commercial, runs on Linux only (this maybe is not a problem), uses only PostgreSQL; they abandoned MySQL.
Maybe you have to search for commercial successors of Redmine, not of ChiliProject.

RE: Redmine and OpenProject - Added by Greg Lewsza over 4 years ago

Obviously, I don't know the reason behind your search for an alternative.

If you are looking for a Redmine provider that would offer you a reliable service with a perspective of updates and development, take a look at platform provided by RedmineUP. The company is a Redmine plugin developer and service provider for over nine years.

They offer a hosted Redmine in a subscription model – RedmineUP Cloud. They offer free migration of data from Redmine and can let you take your plugins with you. Most of the migrations they can close in 1–2 business days.

The main benefit of such commercial service is that the vendor takes over the responsibility for the system and server maintenance. So all backups, monitoring, updates are off your head.

The reason I mention RedmineUP Cloud is that it's a natively pure Redmine extended with plugins.

It's a not a fork as ChiliProject or Open-Project, neither a totally modified system such as the one offered by Easy. So if you'd need to come back to keeping the system in-house, you can easily export the data back to your server. And you won't loose on the functionality, as you could still install the plugins.

They have a free trial, so you don't risk anything.