Distributed version control

Added by Brad Schick about 13 years ago

Many modern distributed version control systems encourage a usage model where branches are separate stand-alone repository clones (rather than labels within a single repository).

We are planning to do this, but it doesn't seem to mix well with Redmine since to my knowledge only one repository can be attached per project. Our server will likely have a stable and a trunk branch as separate repositories, yet these are clearly part of a single project. It actually gets even more complex because we let anyone create a branch on the server for work-in-progress. We may not want all of those short lived branches exposed in Redmine, but we will certainly want to expose > 1.

How have others handled this?

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RE: Distributed version control - Added by Nikolai Bochev about 13 years ago

Maybe a bit late on the reply , but i was thinking on making a main project holding the main branch and sub projects for each of the sub branches. It is somewhat hacky, but it will work to some extent. Real support for distributed vcs in Redmine will rock ! I am considering hosting my projects on launchpad ( since i'm going to use bazaar ), but i'd very much like to have them on my own server. Are there any plans on supporting such a model in Redmine any time soon ?