Per-project styling?

Added by Everett Griffiths almost 12 years ago

I'm getting used to Redmine more as I go. It would be really nice to be able to change styling based on which project I was looking at. I can't even tell if I'm on THIS site or MY site unless I do a double-take. I know I can modify the CSS easily enough, but is it possible to give each project its own CSS sheet? Or it's own color at least?

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RE: Per-project styling? - Added by Felix Schäfer almost 12 years ago

I think there already are feature requests of the sort, but no way to do it now that I know of.

RE: Per-project styling? - Added by dj jones over 7 years ago

it can be done from Redmine 2.4.

Look in your page's HTML main page: (eg this is when in the search page)
- <body class="theme-someTheme project-myproject controller-search action-index">

where 'project-myproject' is css you can create, for your project 'myproject'

Implemented in

RE: Per-project styling? - Added by dj jones over 7 years ago

You mean the section 'Editing Style Sheet'

It sounds quite useful:

You can write CSS in the page named StyleSheet. This CSS is included in a HTML header of each page. Each page means every module of the project. not only wiki.
So. you can even create a project-specific theme.

But it is quite old, that page - 2009.

Have you used the plugin yourself, for per-project CSS? On what version of Redmine ?

RE: Per-project styling? - Added by Miodrag Milic over 7 years ago

Yes i am using it with latest version and in last 2 years