how to restaure my data

Added by John Smith over 11 years ago


I used bitnami redmine 0.9.3-0 (windows Xp) but this morning, I erased it XD.
With a data recovery software (recuva), I get some files (but without the path name :( ).

How can I restore my data ?
=> the important data are in the wikis

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RE: how to restaure my data - Added by Felix Schäfer over 11 years ago

If you manage to recover the files for the database, you're all good, but apart from that… You may want to ask on the bitnami forums, as they should be more familiar with the whole stack.

RE: how to restaure my data - Added by deep pal over 2 years ago

Sometimes It Happens. When we use common software and some software won't work properly to recover data. But still, I have also used the software. Because depending on the software quality and work. So I recommend Stillbon Data Recovery software. I think that. You will try this.