Code Review Plugin Usage Questions

Added by Jawaad Ahmad about 8 years ago


I'm having a little trouble understanding the usage of the Code Review Plugin. From this page:

I expected to see the pencil icons, but I don't see them. I notice an Annotate link when I'm looking at a file, but I don't think that's part of this plugin.

I would appreciate some help in understanding how to use this plugin.

Here is what I have done so far:

I installed the Code Review Plugin version 0.4.7 with Redmine version 1.3.2+dfsg1-1ubuntu1 from the Ubuntu 12.04 repository. (This is the latest in the repository, so I'm forced to use version 0.4.7 of the plugin since it's the latest for Redmine 1.3.x.) I'm using Firefox 12.0 on Windows 7 Starter to use Redmine.

I have the plugin installed under /usr/share/redmine/vendor/plugins, I migrated the database, I restarted Redmine, I enabled the plugin under Administration > Projects > Modules, and then I configured the plugin on the Code Review tab.

I created two separate trackers for the "code reviews" and "code review assignments". Maybe I'll reuse existing trackers later, but right now I don't understand how these trackers are used by the plugin.

The If rev has one more issues selection is set to Review issue relates to them. I don't understand what this is for yet either until I play with it.

Auto assignment is also unset. I think I have an idea what this does.

I think the code author that commits to the repository is supposed to do the following:
  1. Project > Repository > Latest Revisions > Click revision number to be reviewed.
  2. Revision page > Files > Review assignments > Add (maybe done automatically if *Auto assignment is set?)
  3. Fill out fields of the new issue and Create. (I assume this will create a "Please review my code changes" issue.) Who should this issue be assigned to? What if I want my code reviewed by multiple members of the team?

Now that the issue has been created, what is a reviewer supposed to do?

So far, I have done the following as a reviewer with no luck:
  1. Issue > view the issue
  2. Click rev number next to Review assigned for
  3. Click on a file to review

What to do now? I see an Annotate link above the file, but it was there before installing the plugin. I see no pencil icon as shown in the screenshots, and the Code Reviews tab is always empty ("No data to display").

I would appreciate any assistance anyone can offer.


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RE: Code Review Plugin Usage Questions - Added by Sergei Kuzmin about 8 years ago

I have the same issue. Trying to install redmine on Ubuntu + code review. I have Ununtu 10.04 LTS. The latest redmine I managed to install is Redmine 1.3.3.stable (PostgreSQL). This is using PPA like described here:
Then I installed code review 0.4.7 as described. Using Firefox 14.0.1 on Linux.

Auto assigment creates issues as required. I can go to repository, then specific revision and see code review assigments and add more of them. However then going to specific file I don't see any pencils. Also I see side-by-side view instead of red and green lines as shown on

Does anybody know is it possible to use this plugin on Ubuntu?

Jawaad Ahmad:
Did you manage to use the plugin?

RE: Code Review Plugin Usage Questions - Added by Haruyuki Iida about 8 years ago

Did you set the permission for "Add code reviews" from "Roles and permissions" page?

RE: Code Review Plugin Usage Questions - Added by Jawaad Ahmad about 8 years ago

Sergei Kuzmin wrote:

Did you manage to use the plugin?

Hello, Sergei,

No, I have been waiting for a response. Thanks to Haru's information above, I went back and played with it some more but still no luck.

Haru Iida wrote:

Did you set the permission for "Add code reviews" from "Roles and permissions" page?

Hello, Haru,

I added the permission as you stated just now. I went to the Administration > Roles and permissions page and noticed there were no checkboxes selected for the Developer role. So I checked all the Code review checkboxes except the Delete one and pressed Save.

Unfortunately, I still see no difference. I can view side-by-side to top-and-bottom red/green differences for the changes for a revision, but I still see no way to make annotations.

Also, if I click on the Code Review tab at the top, I see nothing except a message that states, "no data to display". What is this tab supposed to display?

I would like to know if I understand this workflow properly. As the author, I commit my changes to the repository, and then I go into Redmine and create an issue as a code review assignment for one reviewer. (If I want my code reviewed by two reviewers, I would need to create two separate issues--one for each reviewer. Correct?)

Are there any specific browser requirements to display the code review windows, or have I not gotten that far yet?


RE: Code Review Plugin Usage Questions - Added by Sergei Kuzmin about 8 years ago

Haru Iida:

Thanks for suggestions. I really didn't have these permissions set. Now I do (all permissions set for both manager and developer). Have same results: no pencils in diff page. Auto assignment created few issues already (developer submitted changelist, issue was auto created and assigned to me). Code review page is empty.
I also tried to use plugin version 0.4.6, same result, except for project settings tab doesn't work anymore. So I upgraded to 0.4.7 again.

One more question. Auto assignment page seems to assume we have only one developer, as it seems page doesn't allow to define code reviewers independently for every developer. Am I right?

RE: Code Review Plugin Usage Questions - Added by Pradeep Venkatesh almost 8 years ago

I also had the same issue.
It was resolved by creating a soft link like this:

ln -sf /var/cache/redmine/default/plugin_assets/ /var/www/redmine/plugin_assets

It was due to the unavailability of .js files.
Hope this helps!

RE: Code Review Plugin Usage Questions - Added by Sergei Kuzmin almost 8 years ago

Great! That really helped. Thanks

RE: Code Review Plugin Usage Questions - Added by Jawaad Ahmad almost 8 years ago

Yes! I now see the pencil icons and I get my comment window when I click on it.

FYI, my steps were slightly different:

# cd /usr/share/redmine/public
# ln -s /var/cache/redmine/default/plugin_assets

Thanks so much!!

RE: Code Review Plugin Usage Questions - Added by Milan Petrovic almost 8 years ago

I'm also suffering the missing pencil icon issue... How should this be solved with the latest Redmine 2.1 (cache is not in /var, but in redmine/tmp/cache)?