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Added by Aydar Kamalov over 9 years ago

Hello, I have redmine version-2.1.2. All is ok, but there is no wysiwyg editor in text editor field (issue and wiki). Help me please. Is it bug?

there is screenshot in attachment.

  1. RAILS_ENV=production rake about
    (in /var/lib/redmine)
    About your application's environment
    Ruby version 1.9.3 (x86_64-linux)
    RubyGems version 1.8.24
    Rack version 1.4
    Rails version 3.2.8
    Active Record version 3.2.8
    Action Pack version 3.2.8
    Active Resource version 3.2.8
    Action Mailer version 3.2.8
    Active Support version 3.2.8
    Middleware Rack::Cache, ActionDispatch::Static, Rack::Lock, #<ActiveSupport::Cache::Strategy::LocalCache::Middleware:0x00000001550bd0>, Rack::Runtime, Rack::MethodOverride, ActionDispatch::RequestId, Rails::Rack::Logger, ActionDispatch::ShowExceptions, ActionDispatch::DebugExceptions, ActionDispatch::RemoteIp, ActionDispatch::Callbacks, ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::ConnectionManagement, ActiveRecord::QueryCache, ActionDispatch::Cookies, ActionDispatch::Session::CookieStore, ActionDispatch::Flash, ActionDispatch::ParamsParser, ActionDispatch::Head, Rack::ConditionalGet, Rack::ETag, ActionDispatch::BestStandardsSupport
    Application root /var/lib/redmine
    Environment production
    Database adapter mysql2
    Database schema version 20120731164049

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RE: wysiwyg editor - Added by Aydar Kamalov over 9 years ago

donwgrade to 2.0.4 helps me.

RE: wysiwyg editor - Added by Ivan Cenov over 9 years ago

May be you use some plugin that disables WYSIWYG. Par example 'wiking' -- an excellent plugin -- is not ready for 2.1.2 -- it works, but it makes the buttons above the edit boxes not appear.