attachments_storage_path is not applied

Added by Adrian Antonana almost 6 years ago

I have my attchments path in /etc/redmine/configuration.yml set as follows:

attachments_storage_path: /mnt/data/www/redmine

And runned:

rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production 
rake redmine:plugins:migrate RAILS_ENV=production 
rake tmp:cache:clear
rake tmp:sessions:clear

But when I try to download an attached file I get following 404 error:

The page you were trying to access doesn't exist or has been removed.

Redmine log shows the following error messages:

Cannot send attachment, /var/lib/redmine/default/<file-path> does not exist or is unreadable

Of cource the path doesn't exist since my files are under /mnt/data/www/redmine/
So it seems that the attachments_storage_path setting is not beeing applied.

I had the same setting on an Ubuntu 12.04 server with no problems... am I missing some config steps?

System Info

My Redmine environment:

  Redmine version                2.5.1.stable
  Ruby version                   1.9.3-p194 (2012-04-20) [x86_64-linux]
  Rails version                  3.2.6
  Environment                    production
  Database adapter               Mysql2
Redmine plugins:
  redmine_scm                    0.4.3
  redmine_wiki_extensions        0.6.4
  sidebar                        0.1.1
  wiking                         0.0.4


Debian GNU/Linux 7.6 (wheezy)

Installed Packages:

Note : All bpo packages are installed from wheezy_backports repository.

redmine                  : 2.5.1-2~bpo70+3
redmine-mysql            : 2.5.1-2~bpo70+3
apache2                  : 2.2.22-13+deb7u3
libapache2-mod-passenger : 4.0.10-1~bpo7+1
ruby1.9.1                :
ruby-mysql2              : 0.3.15-1~bpo70+1
ruby-passenger           : 4.0.10-1~bpo7+1
mysql-server             : 5.5.38-0+wheezy1
mysql-client             : 5.5.38-0+wheezy1

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RE: attachments_storage_path is not applied - Added by Tony Maher about 5 years ago

I have same problem. Any solutions?