Bringing redmine projects back from a restored hard drive

Added by Jan Kozłowski 4 months ago

I was using a bitnami redmine virtual machine ( as a server for Redmine application 3.2.0. It was a minimal debian linux version with all the modules needed, working flawlessly since year 2014. Unfortunately the drive of my computer, which was holding this server, has been damaged. Some IT company managed to restore all the files from it. My problem is: how to move every kept there data to the fresh instance of Redmine. I am able to copy files directory with all the attachments held by created issues. But I don't see any way to make mysqldump right now (MySQL Server 5.5), so I can't just simply follow the usual guide for restoring Redmine :(
I set up a new virtual machine with Redmine and tried to copy entire mysql folder - It failed in a way I can't start mysql service anymore.
I reinstalled the bitnami image and this time I copied only data folder (from mysql directory), which should bring every database from the old drive - It failed in the same way
I tried to copy only bitnami_redmine folder (I minded to copy the ibdata files too) - same. What am I missing? I feel hopeless right now even though I excavated entire Internet.

Is there any different way to restore my Redmine server? Will I never get access to my projects data kept in Redmine database? Have any of you had the same problem like me? Please, help. There must be a way...

obraz_2021-07-07_144002.png - My poor screen shot of the results while starting mysql service (9.26 KB)

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RE: Bringing redmine projects back from a restored hard drive - Added by Bernhard Rohloff 3 months ago

You should try to access the database on another machine and get an sqldump from it.
If you have the dump file you can go on with installing a new Redmine and putting your existing data in the new database.

Here's something from StackExchange about getting access to a database from a recovered hard disk:
Steps to setup the new Redmie instance can be found in the wiki: RedmineUpgrade

RE: Bringing redmine projects back from a restored hard drive - Added by Jan Kozłowski 3 months ago

Thank you for your respond. I created a clear linux VM with MySQL 5.5 installed, and copied almost entire mysql/data folder (except log files inside) from the restored hard drive. After changing file owners, mysql service started so I could get to my database. I hope I will be now able to make a mysqldump and bring my projects to a new instance of remdine server. The sun is much brighter today :)