Logging Time for multiple people

Added by Andrew Parnell over 9 years ago

Hey guys - Quick question about logging time.

Often times my team will have a meeting and wish to log time for the meeting. It is inconvenient for each team member to go in and all log an hour for the same meeting so normally whoever organized the meeting logs the time and then adds up for the attendees. For example, a meeting between 3 team members will be tracked as 3 hours by one of them.

The problem with this is that we are now unable to get an accurate per person time log and the data is confusing when one individual has 22 hours logged for a day (because of hosting a few meetings) and another has little time logged.

It seems like it would be pretty simple to just add a multi select user field in the log time form that would submit the 'hours' on behalf of everyone who was part of that ticket. Is this functionality, or something similar in place already? Does anyone else have a similar problem?

Thanks for the help!

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RE: Logging Time for multiple people - Added by Alexey Abraham about 9 years ago

Hi Andrew!
I have no answer to your problem, but did you find something useful? (I have quite similar problem - tracking time on behalf of several of my subordinates)

Yours, Alexey Abraham

RE: Logging Time for multiple people - Added by Andrew Parnell about 9 years ago

Hi Alexey,

Unfortunately no, I have not found a solution as of yet although it would still be very beneficial. Right now I just double count the hours and then put the names of whoever was part of the time in parenthesis. This does not work very well however as it makes it very difficult in tracking and reporting. I hope we find something soon!