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16:05 Redmine Plugins: RE: Logging Time for multiple people
Hi Alexey,
Unfortunately no, I have not found a solution as of yet although it would still be very beneficial. Rig...
Andrew Parnell


23:00 Redmine Plugins: Logging Time for multiple people
Hey guys - Quick question about logging time.
Often times my team will have a meeting and wish to log time for the...
Andrew Parnell


22:36 Redmine Feature #8599 (Closed): Calculated Custom Field?
* For every project I use an estimate of % Done * Estimated Hours of each ticket to calculate the completion % of a p... Andrew Parnell


18:45 Redmine Defect #8507 (Closed): Unable to filter by empty due date?
I would like to be able to see all issues that were not given a due date. Unfortunately I cannot find a way to filter... Andrew Parnell
16:56 Redmine Feature #8505 (New): Log Time for Multiple Users
I am looking for a very basic feature expanding on the built-in "log time" functionality. We currently use time track... Andrew Parnell


18:22 Redmine Feature #8313 (New): Restrict Assignee List by Role
Currently the assignee list shows every member of a project. This means that anyone in the project can assign a ticke... Andrew Parnell


21:11 Redmine Defect #5139: Default issue display cannot be changed by setting display options
Is this related to the following plugin? Andrew Parnell
21:08 Redmine Defect #5139: Default issue display cannot be changed by setting display options
I am suffering from this issue too. It would be great to be able to customize the default view or set a custom query ... Andrew Parnell

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