Plugin Installation Procedure

Added by francesco coan about 9 years ago

Dear All,

I am moving the first step in Redmine and I totally love it.
I also wish to install some plugin that will make my job easier but I am having hard time doing that.
I am a Window user and I Installed Redmine with the Bitnami Solution.
I tried to follow all the indication that I find on the Redmine and the plugin creator website. I typed all the commnando in the Prompt of Windows but I got back a lot of errors and, eventually, the plugin doesn't work.
I think that I am missing some basic information and notions, very likely about Ruby and RoR, the way/logic they work and so on.
Does some one, plesae, help me and point me out where I can find some guideline so I can fill my lacks and master the plugin installation and their managing?
Thanks in advance to all of you.


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RE: Plugin Installation Procedure - Added by Artur M about 9 years ago


You should check Bitnami-Redmine site ( and also follow the installation instructions of the plugin.

Good luck.