Curated list of production-ready Redmine Plugins

Added by Jan from Planio over 6 years ago

At Planio, we're hosting Redmine professionally for an ever growing list of customers. Whenever our customers ask us to install a specific plugin they've found in the plugin list, our team conducts an extensive stability and security audit and will only install a plugin if it's safe for production use.

If a plugin has gone inactive (i.e. the original developer appeared to stopped supporting it), we also maintain the code in his/her stead and contribute the code back to the community, usually via GitHub. We've been doing this for quite some time now.

My colleague Thomas recently published a list of Redmine Plugins which have passed our checks and we are planning to keep writing more plugin reviews as we go using the Redmine Plugins tag on our blog.

So, if you've found a plugin for which you may not be sure if it's production ready, or if you cannot use a given plugin with the latest version of Redmine, check out our list and/or GitHub account. We might have a newer/compatible version for you – no Planio account required.

Hope this helps!

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RE: Curated list of production-ready Redmine Plugins - Added by Kush Suryavanshi over 6 years ago

This is a great list and a great initiative as well. Thanks so much!

RE: Curated list of production-ready Redmine Plugins - Added by Diego Jacobi over 5 years ago

Hi finger ups for this initiative !!
Being new at redmine, I can say that there are many plugins outthere not working at all.

Is there any plugin for a standariced Issues/Tasks ??
I mean, a kind of Tasks in a project that would repeat on some Projects and have only one definition to perform it.